the studio was established over 14 years ago in Ukraine as a team of photographers. We work in the top segment of wedding photography, shooting weddings in Ukraine and worldwide. We have created a separate department for photo retouching to exceed our client expectations at the level of each photo. The photographers capture the moments and the designers edit and retouch the photos. The success of our company lies in everyone doing their part. The designers with over 10 years of experience have the role of being the “quality manager”. This service lets you work directly with our designers to create your vision in each photograph.

What does the retouch process look like?

  • Meeting with the customer to discuss the vision/style of your photos 
  • To ensure that our work meets the customer's vision and style, the designers choose 10 pictures to edit from all of the captured photos 
  • Full RAW material color correction
  • Сontrol by the quality manager after color correction
  • The customer receives and reviews full photo collection

This is a proven process that has worked for our company for years and can work for your photos needs as well. Our priority is to bring out the natural accent in each photo through the editing process, specifically the beauty of the natural skin tone.

If you are looking for a reliable retouching team that will free your time from the routine of processing you are welcome.

The difference between us and other services

All of our photo editings is completed by our professional designers. We don’t use any third-party presets. Our designers work with the best technology available including professional monitors (BENQ SW271) and well-calibrated technology by X-Rite i1Display Pro. Our high-quality standards are applied to each individual photo to ensure the best quality results.

How long is the editing process? 

Order fulfillment time is decided on an individual basis.

What is the cost of the editing service?

If you have any questions, please contact us and attach a photo. we will edit it to demonstrate our work